2021 Candidate Survey Responses

Birmingham Municipal Elections

GBM distributed surveys to all candidates for whom we could obtain contact information.  Any surveys that were received are linked to each candidate’s name in the list below.  Please note that these surveys are linked in the form that they were received and have not been fact-checked!  These are the original surveys that were distributed:

Mayoral Survey

City Council Survey

Board of Education Survey


Candidates for Mayor

William A. Bell, Sr.

Cerissa A. Brown

Napoleon Gonzalez

Ervin Philemon Hill II

Lashunda Scales

Darryl T. Williams

Randall Woodfin (incumbent)

Chris Woods


Candidates for City Council

District 1 (CC)

Clinton Woods (incumbent)




District 2 (CC)

Lawrence Conaway

Kimberly Jeanty

Don D. Scott

Hunter Williams (incumbent)


District 3 (CC)

Valerie Abbott (incumbent)

Joseph Casper Baker III

Wil Jones

Alice Speake


District 4 (CC)

Scottie McClaney

J.T. Moore

William Parker (incumbent)

Q. “Cory” Pettway

Rev. Gwendolyn Cook Webb


District 5 (CC)

Richard E. Franklin, Jr.

Darrell O’Quinn (incumbent)

Hiram G. Rahim

Erica “Star” Robbins

Roshanique Yvette Taylor


District 6 (CC)

Keith Aaron

Crystal Smitherman (incumbent)

Keith O. Williams


District 7 (CC)

Wardine Alexander (incumbent)

La’Toya Lee

Lonnie Franklin Malone

Don “Donnie” Stone


District 8 (CC)

Carol Clarke

Barbara Files-Kennedy

Lynette Peters

Celida “Celi” Soto

Adlai M. Trone

Harry “Traveling Shoes” Turner

D. Denise Webber-Jenkins

Wanda Wright


District 9 (CC)

Eric Hall

John R. Hilliard (incumbent)

David Russell

LaTonya Tate

Candidates for Board of Education

District 1 (BOE)

Sherman Collins, Jr.

Douglas “Doug” Ragland (incumbent)

Jerry Tate


District 2 (BOE)

Terri Michal (incumbent)

Neonta Williams




District 3 (BOE)

Mary D. Boehm (incumbent)

Byron Lagrone




District 4 (BOE)

Derrick L. Billups

Daayge Hendricks (incumbent)





District 5 (BOE)

David Tarell McKinney

James A. Sullivan





District 6 (BOE)

Jamaree’ Collins

Leticia Watkins

Yancey Williams, Sr.


District 7 (BOE)

Walter “Big Walt” Wilson (incumbent)





District 8 (BOE)

Antoinette “Toni” King

Curtis Tyrone Robinson

Sonja Q. Smith (incumbent)

Antwon Bernard Womack






District 9 (BOE)

Le’Darius Hilliard

Jason Meadows

Susan Diane Mitchell