Mission Statement

Greater Birmingham Ministries strives to serve God’s purpose of justice and peace by healing the wounds of the community and struggling in community to realize more just systems and more faithful relationships.

Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) was founded in 1969 in response to urgent human and justice needs in the greater Birmingham area. GBM is a multi-faith, multi-racial organization that provides emergency services for people in need and engages the poor and the non-poor in systemic change efforts to build a strong, supportive, engaged community and pursue a more just society for all people.

GBM has three basic areas of work in the community:

  • Serving People: Providing financial help, food and clothing and support for families and individuals in crisis, and connecting their daily struggles with systemic and structural injustice;
  • Building Community: Working with faith communities of Birmingham and Alabama to expand beyond direct human services to serve as allies in organizing efforts.
  • Pursuing Justice: Working alongside low-income neighborhoods and people as they organize to improve their lives and the community. They become informed and engaged, work creatively with institutions that affect them, become effective collaborative decision-makers, and work to develop viable solutions for the future of their families and communities;