Who We Are

Greater Birmingham Ministries strives to serve people, build community, and pursue justice.

Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) was founded in 1969 in response to urgent human and justice needs in the greater Birmingham area. GBM is a multi-faith, multi-racial organization that provides emergency services for people in need and engages the poor and the non-poor in systemic change efforts to build a strong, supportive, engaged community and pursue a more just society for all people.


  • Serving People: We provide food, clothing, and financial assistance to people in crisis. They in turn help us to understand and respond to emerging needs of the community.


  • Building Community: We offer faith communities of Birmingham and Alabama the opportunity to serve, to learn about poverty and justice, and to act on their faith and be supported in advocating for justice.


  • Pursuing Justice: We work alongside low-income neighborhoods and people to nurture community leaders, provide ongoing leadership development around issues, and bring new leaders into public decision-making processes that affect their communities.