Resource Library

If you don't find a good teacher, find a good book. ~ Amit Kalantri

Have you ever needed a video series to use in your congregation or group? Want to know more about the current economic situation in our country? What about more information on other religions or some theology of your own? The GBM Resource Library has it all! Our book collection now contains almost 700 books and our other media, such as, DVD’s, video tapes and audio tapes, number over 100.

The categories of the materials are:

  • Public Policy Issues
  • Equality
  • Economic Issues
  • Faith
  • Social Action.

We also have periodicals such as “The Christian Century” and “Sojourns”, which can be checked out. We have some titles for Reference but they cannot be checked out. There are no restrictions regarding who can check out an item. Simply find the clipboard on the library desk and sign the check-out page. Be sure to show your email address so we can contact you if we need to.

For a database of available items click here: GBM Resource Library

On the database, you can click on “Edit” then “Find”, just below the title “GBM Resource Library” to do a search for a particular book or author. The “media” tab and the “books” tab are at the bottom of the screen.

The books are filed and sorted by the first three letters of the author’s surname. The category is listed on the database. We also have a few Spanish language titles.

All items are donated. If you have books or other media that fall into the categories that were listed in the second paragraph, that you would like to donate, can be put into the basket marked “donations” on the library desk. We are in the process of planning for more shelves so we can handle more titles. Currently, the books with the author’s surname of SO through Z are in the two large file drawers on the left side of the library desk. We hope to move these to new shelves soon.

We hope you make good use of the library. Enjoy!