Theological Reflections

GBM exists and works in the midst of a human community shattered and broken by gross inequality, the reality of poverty, oppression, exploitation, violence and suffering. We live in a culture of hyper-individualism and structural cruelty driven by corporate greed.

GBM’s mission is to bear witness to God’s presence as caring, loving individuals and instruments of justice and peace. We hope to discern and participate in what God is doing to “make and keep human life human.” This is implicit in the three interwoven tasks of serving people, building community and pursuing justice. It goes without saying, the faith communities joined in this mission share the conviction that God, in whose presence we live, is not neutral in the face of the evils of our shattered community. Care for the most vulnerable and poor among us is clearly a critical priority in our various traditions.

In this context, theological reflection is not an option. It is part of articulating a framework for being engaged with God’s creation. Such reflection brings the lens of our various sacred writings, historical traditions, and faith practices to bear on the realities we see and the work we undertake.

Theological reflection can lead to the warmth of new insight, unexpected surprises that refresh our hearts, heightened courage to resist the manifestations of evil, and deepened solidarity that sustains us in our diversity.