Women As Strength

I am a woman


Phenomenal woman

That's me.

~Maya Angelou

The Women As Strength Program (WASP) is designed to create a place of trust where women may share their stories and learn from each other’s past experiences. Groups meet quarterly at GBM, and issues for discussion are offered at the beginning of each session. Topics often include health care, child abuse, domestic violence, affordable housing, lack of transportation, legal assistance, etc. All meetings also allow time for the participants and their children to share time with each other.

Purpose of WASP

  • To create a place of trust where women may share their stories and learn from each others experiences.
  • To emphasize the value of community where people may live out their dreams without the constant interruption of fear.
  • To be kind, to be helpful and to show respect for each other.
  • To understand what it means to be healthy when living without health insurance by learning what foods to remove from the diet and where free exercise programs are offered.

Goals of WASP

  • To network with other organizations/agencies in an effort to meet family and individual needs.
  • To encourage involvement in community activities like PTAs, public libraries, teachers aid programs, neighborhood meetings and voter registration.
  • To increase awareness of programs that provide support for families, single parents and/or grandparents raising grandchildren.
  • To assume an active role in the education of children, passing on social and moral values to the next generation.
  • To become more familiar with the legal system including individual and community rights.
  • To learn how to praise and encourage each other at every opportunity as well as to lift each other up in order to deal with negative feelings such as jealousy.