Everything is looking up…

“Everything that looks bad, ain’t bad,” says Mary Kendrick, a client of GBM whose demeanor radiates peace and calm. “I’m okay today… Everything is looking up.”

After Mary lost her husband to a massive heart attack, Mary lost everything – “I lost my home, I lost my car, I lost my mind.” Mary even lost her will to live, and turned to drugs but found no solace. When her family turned away from her, she knew she would have to change. “I learned to use the tools God left behind for us,” she says.

Mary is currently homeless, but like many homeless people, this doesn’t mean staying on the street, but rather staying with friends and family. Greater Birmingham Ministries serves many of these invisible homeless, helping out with food and clothes to help them get back on their feet. With GBM’s help, Mary says, “I don’t look down on myself anymore.”