Systems Change and Advocacy

GBM does not just provide direct services but identifies the issues that cause people to need these services, in order to break down systemic injustices. There are simple steps that you can take to make an impact. If you do not already receive GBM updates by email or mail, email and like our Facebook page to be updated on actions that we are taking.

Minimum Wage

  • Ask your legislators to repeal HB174, the local minimum wage nullification bill, during the next special session.

minimum wage rally 2.16.16Ban the Box

  • Ask your city council members, employer, and faith leaders to Ban the Box.
  • Attend our work group meetings. Find out about dates and times by liking Ban the Box Alabama on Facebook. Email to be added to the Ban the Box mailing list.

Voting Rights

  • GBM has an ongoing commitment to encourage meaningful civic engagement among low-propensity voters not only in the voting process but also in decision-making arenas that affect the lives of their families and communities. This involves consistent outreach to neighborhoods and faith communities, voter education and registration, monitoring of the effects of Alabama’s Voter Photo ID and Proof of Citizenship requirements, and leadership development among low-income residents of our community. Volunteers could build meaningful relationships and deepen their understanding of the challenges facing low-income residents.

Immigration Justice

  • Work with immigrant leaders to advocate for their rights and to register and turn out voters in immigrant communities.

Wage Theft

  • If you are a faith leader or want to volunteer for the Wage Theft Support Group, email

Medicaid Expansioncallie greer photo

  • Collect organizational signatures on a letter to legislators urging revision of 2017 General Fund budget that leaves Medicaid $85 million short of the funding needed to maintain current services.

Predatory Lending

  • Call your representative and senator each Tuesday.
  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor of your local paper; we can help and answer your questions.
  • Tell people about issues and make social media posts with the hashtag #endusury.
  • Follow ARLA for more information.