2021 Birmingham Election Guide

Produced by The Exchange, a project of GBM

At Greater Birmingham Ministries, we seek to serve people, build community, and pursue justice. Our work to increase voter participation is a part of that mission. When more people have access to their voting rights, when more voters turn out, and when more constituents participate in our democracy in a meaningful way, we can make more of an impact on the issues that matter to us.

With those values in mind, we offer you this voter guide as a useful tool as you make plans to vote in the Birmingham municipal elections on August 24. This guide was created by volunteers from GBM’s program The Exchange, which is a group of mostly Gen Z and millennials who gather monthly to discuss justice issues and what we can do locally. To help us all become better informed participants in our democracy, the group researched the offices, polled community concerns, and developed candidate surveys about important issues in Birmingham.

The team sent the surveys to all candidates for whom they had contact information and then synthesized the responses with their own research. We couldn’t fit every question in this guide, but you can read each candidate’s survey response here.


GBM 2021 Election Guide v4 (Web Ver)

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