Wage Theft

"It is criminal to have people working on a full time basis and a full time job getting part time income.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wage Theft Project is a campaign GBM started in the summer of 2013 to help grassroots workers organize on their own behalf and to equip them to fight for their own wages. In recent years, we have seen reports of wage theft rise, especially since the passage of Alabama’s anti-immigrant law (HB 56) in 2011, particularly among Latino/Hispanic workers. Wage theft, however, is not an issue unique to only one segment of society; it is pervasive and can appear in a variety of specific forms. Workers are often either not fully compensated, denied payment for overtime, or, in the most extreme cases, not paid at all for work they’ve performed.

Wage Theft Project is comprised of workers, faith communities, allies and lawyers committed to ensuring that all workers in the Greater Birmingham area are fairly and accurately compensated for their labor. They provide a safe place each week where workers can share their stories, understand their rights, plan, organize and lead campaigns against wage theft with the help and support of other workers and allies.

At the end of 2013, GBM and Adelante Alabama Worker Center joined as partners to fight against wage theft. After working with them for 3 years, at the beginning of 2017 GBM release the complete leadership to the workers who are members of the worker center to continue the work. During those years The Wage Theft Project was able to recover more than $60,000 of unpaid wages.

Our work now is to keep supporting the workers when they have a delegation to talk to employers and to support them in any direction action related with their cases. If you would like to be part of the Interfaith group against Wage Theft, please contact Miguel Carpizo-Ituarte to: miguel@gbm.org or/and to his direct line: (205)623-5858