All Dressed Up for Her First Day of School

Aug 10, 2015 | Blog, Uncategorized

Last week, a new school year began, and GBM provided several families with the resources to purchase school uniforms for their children. One mother, Diane, took the time to say, “Thank You!” Since we are only able to provide uniforms due to the generosity of our donors and supporting Faith Communities, we wanted to share her gratitude with you.

My name is Diane and I live on a fixed income because I’m disabled. I was so saddened and upset when I came to GBM for assistance with food, clothes, book bag, school supplies and uniforms for my little girl. I am on SSI and didn’t know how I was going to send my child to school.

I was dancing and shouting when I received everything I needed: food , a purple book bag with supplies was given to my daughter who was so happy and excited she hasn’t put it down. Mrs. Price gave me 2 fifty dollar gift cards to purchase the uniforms. I was able to get everything she needed including shoes, panties, socks. Several sets of uniforms because I caught the sale.  I had been praying for a Miracle and God provided it for me and my baby. Thank you GBM for allowing my child to go to school feeling good about herself. She is so happy she hasn’t stop smiling.

PART_1438807197548_IMG_20150805_1531481This is what it looks like when people of faith join together to care for one another. We are so thankful for all of our faithful donors who make miracles like this possible!

GBM needs your support to continue providing food, clothes and financial assistance, along with things like uniforms and school supplies to mothers like Diane and the many other individuals and families to come to GBM for support as the school year gets underway. Make a one-time contribution, or become a monthly, sustaining supporter by donating online:

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