Voter Restoration

“All this time, I’ve been existing. I want to live; there’s a difference. Voting lets me feel like I’m living.” ~Miss B

Did you know? Most felony convictions do not prevent Alabamans from voting. Felony drug possession convictions are a good example. If you (or someone you know) has ever been convicted of felony drug possession, you can vote! You can even register to vote online right now at


Other felony convictions let you restore your voting rights and then register.


If you have: 

  • Completed your sentence
  • Finished probation or parole
  • Paid any fines, fees or restitution
  • No pending felonies

You probably can restore your right to vote.


GBM is here to help. You can call us at (205) 304-0481 or email us at We can help you determine your eligibility to register, or restore your right to vote and then register.


At GBM Votes! we know that voting is one, very powerful way to let your voice be heard in our democracy. Join us and VOTE!