Pursuing Justice

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Building the power and amplifying the collective voices of those most directly impacted by social and economic policies is the core of GBM’s strategy for systems change. We call this work “systems change” because systems are those arrangements of power that both reflect and determine who gets what, where and when.

We also build the capacity of non low-income families to support the change agendas of directly impacted low-income families as principled allies.  This work is often slow and extremely difficult, but this is the basis of GBM’s 50-year history of community organizing.



Current Projects


Voter Restoration Hotline

2020 Census

Voter Engagement

Stand As One Coalition

Women As Strength Program (WASP)