Building Community

It {the faithful city} must embrace those who are in the struggle for equity in our society...This vision must be inclusive enough to have a sense of balance...and love must be its motive and justice its means.

~ Bishop John Hurst Adams

GBM’s vision is a community-wide commitment to living out the pursuit of peace and justice.  We work with people across racial, economic, political and social identities to build working relationships among faith communities, organizations, businesses, and social networks seeking to engage the entire community in responding to the call to justice for all people.


Our base consists of faith groups and local communities that mobilize together around values of justice and inclusion.  We want to facilitate community at all levels, from education and dialogue to collective action and advocacy.  We keep a resource library at GBM for all sorts of topics, including theology, public policy, and social action.  We offer “Trading Places” poverty simulations for local groups to develop awareness and empathy across income levels.  We developed the Women As Strength Program (WASP) to provide a safe space where women may share their stories and learn from each other’s experiences. We are also home base for the Alabama chapter of the Poor People’s Campaign.


Bringing diverse communities of faith together to identify root causes of human suffering and raising up issues of both direct assistance and social justice is an integral part of GBM’s work. 

We have 19 member faith communities that are represented on the Board of Directors.  Our Faith in Community initiative encourages us to find ways for people to be guided more fully by their faith in the struggle for a more just and compassionate community.  We nurture interfaith collaboration in theological discussion and action, reflecting on the common thread in our many faiths and denominations to do right and resist wrong.