Happy to Not Be Homeless

May 6, 2019 | Blog

Mr. Peggs is a 71 year old disabled man who says of himself, “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t chase women”.  On occasion, he visits our food pantry when he runs out of food before the month ends.  Mr. Peggs’ income is from a small monthly social security check.  Last week, he stopped by our office very upset.  He had an eviction notice in his hand from his subsidized apartment.  After 15 years of paying his rent on time, he missed last month’s payment.  The brakes went out on his truck and he used some of his rent money to repair them, making him short of the full payment for last month’s rent.  He had the money for May’s rent but not enough to make April’s rent payment in full.  After producing rental payment stubs from money orders documenting his consistent payment history,  Sarah Price, GBM’s Direct Service Coordinator, called his case manager and advocated on his behalf.  GBM was then able to pay Mr. Peggs’ April rent shortfall plus late fees.  He left our office happy to not be homeless.  Mr. Peggs was about to be evicted because he was $231 short of his rent payment.  Thanks to you, our donors and supporters, we were able to prevent him from losing his home and being set out on the streets of Birmingham.