Interns At GBM

Aug 6, 2010 | Blog

GBM has been graced with a steady flow of interns since the beginning of this year. Two Samford University sociology majors, Melanie Fox and Allison Breed, worked at GBM from January to May. Soon after they left, Simpson University cross-cultural studies major Sharon Barr, a native South African, worked with us for five weeks.  Rhodes College senior Kirby Pool arrived shortly before Sharon’s departure, as did Jacksonville State University senior Zach Childree. A little later in the summer, Denison University sophomore Sarah Amthor began her internship, followed by Beth Gawne, a University of Washington senior. Kirby and Sarah will be with us into part of August, Beth till the beginning of September, and Zach till December. Thanks to all our interns for their hard work!