Prayers For Our Muslim Neighbors Offered At Hoover Crescent Islamic Center on March 5, 2017

Mar 16, 2017 | Blog

Here are the prayers offered as gifts by those in attendance.

You are loved and valued! You are wanted in this community. I will stand with you!

Prayers for peace for all cultures. Prayers for safety for all cultures. Prayers for those who wish harm on others, who know no better.

Just being here is a prayer: a prayer for peace, a prayer for mutual respect, a prayer for love.

I may not be Muslim, but we are ALL Americans – and I will always stand with you.

You are my brothers and my sisters. May God shower you with blessings and keep you safe. May peace be with you.

Peace comes through us, revealing the face of God.

God, you send the sun and the rain on us all. The same air and water nourish us all. Help us love impartially as you do. Let us now be satisfied with complicity in injustice.

Stay strong. Know that you are welcome and loved. I believe that goodness and light will prevail.

Metropolitan Community Church have been burned out because of who we are. We pray that no worshipping community has to tell its worship leader, “Your worship space is on fire.” God keep all whose faith has meaning for them safe. Do not let hatred of “difference” destroy any of us. Let all live in faith. Amen.

Gracious God of Life and Mercy, thank you for this beautiful group of people gathered here today. May we be reminded of the power of love in our connectedness. Give us eyes to see the light present within each and every one of your children.   ~ Cheryl Hinnen, Assistant Pastor, East Lake United Methodist

My prayer is for people to get to know someone who is different from them so they can understand their struggles.

Gracious and Loving God, I pray for the safety and well-being of all our neighbors. May we understand that we are all neighbors deserving of justice, love, mercy and peace. May we honor you, one another, and the body of the Earth. Amen. ~ With love from Beloved Community Church

Forever For ALL. Love. Love. Love. ~ Susan Proctor

May you be blessed by the love and peace of our community.

Prayers are necessary. We are a country of immigrants. We must live together or die apart. Welcome all our neighbors and would-be neighbors. Bring back freedom of the press – the last vestige of a free society. Please God – Bless us all.

May allah help us all. Ameen

O Allah, fill our hearts with limitless love for each other. O Allah, make us amongst the best of keepers of the brothers and sisters. ~ Khaula & Ayra, CAIR-AL

I pray for justice for all, and religious freedom. I also pray for constitution to be defended at all times.

Praying for wisdom in the government right now.

My prayer is for peace and love for and among all faiths in this country and the world.

I pray for peace in our local community and in the world. I pray for strength to stand up and speak out against hate and intolerance.

Peace and acceptance.

Lord, please allow peace and love in a place of so much discomfort. Let us join together as one people. In Jesus name, Amen.

O’Allah, grant us all with peace in this life and the next. Amin.

May all children on earth live and love in peace.

Prayer especially to our leaders in South who know and practice importance of manners and gracious treatment of others. Please proactively teach our cruel bullying “leaders” to treat others as want to be treated.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham stands with support of our Muslim brothers and sisters. ~ Virginia Volker, President of the Board

Peace to you, from a sister – we are all children of God. ~ Linda

I pray that people in our country love and respect each other regardless of their religion, race, culture. May God be with our leaders to inspire hope and not fear.

May all who know and share the love and peace that God gives to us and through us.

Lord, Please remove all hatred and prejudice from all hearts. Let us live as one people in unity.

Prayers for peace and that God will make us bold and loving as we are made into the Beloved Community.

May peace be with all.

We are all children of God. God bless.

Dear God, I pray for peace and love for all in your name.

Lord of us all, Bring our hearts and minds together, remind us we are one family, obliged to care for one another.

May we recognize, support, love and value all!

My prayer is for tolerance of all religions or of no religion.

Help us to always be mindful of each other.

A prayer: for all goodness and peace for our country and the whole world and for every living thing.

May the peace of the Lord be with you. I stand united with all of you.

We will persevere. I pray for a peaceful united future for all children of Allah. One free from undeserved hate. As we are all welcomed by the grace of God, so are your adherents in OUR JOINT communities.

God, help us to recognize and honor all of your children and our common humanity.

Prayers for protection of our Muslim friends and neighbors.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. We are all God’s children and I am praying for the end to hatred and racism that exists in our world and our community.

My prayer is that we can continue to build community in good times as well as difficult times.

Our community is only strengthened by diversity. It makes us better. I wish you all peace and happiness and hope. Darkness continues to bring us closer together.

My prayer is for love that overcomes fear and undermines hate.

I pray that the Word of God – which is peace – be spoken louder than any word of hate. That people of faith have the courage to stand up for one another.

We pray a blanket of protection and love around our brothers and sisters of all faith traditions.

Our creator teach us and lead us to treat each other with love and respect to see each other as your children the same way you see us, God of all of us.

Dear God, May we learn to see each other and every human on the planet as your child created in your image.

A prayer for peace, unity and understanding among us. May we all be united in our love for the God of us all and in our love for one another.

I pray we lean as much into our faith to promote authentic peace. I pray I place my body close to those who feel physically unsafe.

That everyone will realize we are all human beings with the desire to have peace.

I Stand With You! ~ Al Rees, Hoover, AL

May God ~ Jehovah ~ Allah keep all of us safe, free from fear and anxiety. May we have courage to speak Truth to power. Amen.

Creator, We plead no more Muslim harassment, no more Muslim deaths, no more Muslim hate. Use us to be love for all.

Almighty God, we rejoice that you made us in your image and we thank you for making us community. Bless our neighbors. Let them flourish. Keep them safe. Amen.

God of us all, turn the hearts of the cruel toward love for all of your children.

I pray that we may all remember who created us all! All children are children of God, Allah, YHWH.

I pray for love to outweigh evil.

Bless our earth.

Please sustain us in holy anger as we push back against the powers who target our brothers and sisters for threats, violence and discrimination.

Father of us all, we pray for those who differ from us in ideas, in class, in culture, that they may be understood by us and they may better understand us, so that we can unite in love and happiness, realizing we all need to live together in harmony and peace.

Allah who is merciful, help us unite in compassion and love.

I pray that God protect each of us who wish to live peacefully, respecting our personal faith and culture and that He will fill everyone’s minds with an open spirit and their hearts with love for their neighbor.

Hey Neighbors! Trinity United Methodist Church member standing with you always. ~ Tish Patton

My prayer is that the importance of being children of God will overcome all our differences.

May we live together in peace and embrace our diversity.

May God bless us all in these evil times and spur us to love and protect those threatened by hate, racism and selfishness.

I pray for religious freedom and justice for all.

Let us all be one.

I pray that we keep taking care of each other.

Lord, please allow peace and love in a place of so much discomfort. Let us join together as one people.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me and you!

May we have peace among us. And love always. Amen.

O God, help us love another – ALL people – better and more often. Help us also to love and to pray for our enemies.

Salaam, shalom, peace.

Our Creator, help us to love and treat each other as equals all of whom are entitled to dignity and respect.

Dear heavenly father, Please be with your people through this time of hardship. Keep us all safe and unite us with the love as you intended us to have toward one another.

You Belong. Stand Strong.