Pursuing Transit Justice

Aug 6, 2010 | Blog

Winning public transportation for Birmingham is an issue that is widely and deeply felt by Birminghamians. It affects people’s jobs, food security, worship opportunities, and participation in community — all things GBM cares about. – Lauren Banks

After devoting several meetings to intensive, deliberative planning, GBM’s Economic Justice (EJ) round table elected to focus its efforts on public transportation. The decision  process weighed the merits of a variety of different issues, including ending homelessness, promoting just public utilities, engaging voters to demand solutions to issues of concern, and a few more.  The group voted to direct its efforts toward the single issue of improving public transportation in Birmingham.

With this new development, the structure of the weekly EJ meeting changed slightly. On most days, the first half of the allotted 90 minutes for the meeting will be about transit, while the second half will consist of community updates and discussion.

At this point the group is creating a power analysis map of Birmingham’s community, social, and political landscape with regards to public transportation. If you are interested in joining this process, please come to GBM every Thursday from Noon to 1:30 PM.