The Angels All Around Us…

Mar 23, 2015 | Blog

Mechelle and Terry have been married 31 years, and have learned the meaning of teamwork.  Over the years, they’ve worked together in many different kinds of jobs, and Terry is known as the “neighborhood handyman”, always pitching in when an elderly or disabled neighbor needs a little help.

Terry and Mechelle have nursed each other through the most difficult of times – she suffers from a seizure disorder, and a devastating car crash crushed Terry’s legs, causing damage that kept him from walking for almost 20 years.  Though they are both on disability, their generosity is astonishing.  This couple has opened their home to rescue pets and homeless friends and family; and have most recently gained custody of their 6-year-old nephew.

Mechelle and Terry’s nephew has lost both his parents to drugs and prison.  Yet, this boy has incredible hope.  “He told us, ‘God brought us back together’,” Mechelle says.  No matter how much trouble this family endures, they believe in the power of God to save them and protect them.   They also believe in the power of community – the “angels all around us” that community provides.  The direct services GBM provides will help to establish this new family, by providing food and clothes;  but more importantly, GBM provides that community support that struggling families need to grow strong.