Walk a Mile in Kenneth’s Shoes and You’ll Understand Why he Comes to GBM’s Clothing Assistance

Sep 18, 2014 | Blog, Serving people

Kenneth Humphrey sat in the back of the waiting room waiting his turn to enter the clothes closet. “I appreciate them giving me clothing because I need shoes,” he said, pointing to the tears in the toes and heels of his tattered boots. As a homeless person, Kenneth does a lot of walking, so good, sturdy shoes are necessary for his survival. “I hope they have some in there that are my size. These won’t last much longer.”

Kenneth didn’t become homeless in the way that most people think. He didn’t lose his job and fall on hard times. His path toward homelessness is the result of a systematic problem.

“I had an apartment, but people kept breaking in all the time, so I moved out. But when I tried to get a new apartment, they said I didn’t have enough credit, so they wouldn’t give it to me. Now I’m homeless,” Kenneth explained. He went on to tell how the property managers said he would need a cosigner, but when you live in a low-income community, a cosigner is hard to come by. “I’m sleeping in my truck now,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth comes to the GBM for food and clothing assistance, but while here, his spirits are revitalized, too. “They help me with keeping my spirits up. Sometimes I get depressed, you know, but they help me and tell me to keep my head up.”

  If you’d like to make a donation to GBM’s food pantry for people like Kenneth, click here to make a monetary donation online, or you can drop food off at the GBM’s location, 2304 12th Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35234, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. All donations are tax deductible.